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Generation Wind Ltd

Generation Wind Turbines Ltd can provide a full turnkey solution to harnessing wind power energy for your site. Our experienced engineers and technical team will help you find the right turbine, taking into account your location, average wind speeds, and maximum wind speeds to provide an accurate wind turbine site classification.

We can also advise you about noise receptors, planning regulations and can contact your distribution network regarding your grid connection.

Please feel free to ring us on 0800 779 7118 to find out more.

Babdown Airfield,
Tetbury, Gloucestershire,





Our multi-award winning service has been delivered across all sectors and it’s our experience and knowledge of each sector that really separates us from the competition; nobody knows solar like we do.

Through strategic regional teams, we’ve helped thousands of businesses and homes Nationwide explore their bespoke requirements, with each sector presenting different challenges and opportunities. From small residential installs to multi-megawatt roof mounted arrays, we have taken every project as a chance to demonstrate and perfect our leading expertise in design, innovation and delivery.

Click on a sector icon above to see how we have worked in this area and how our experience, knowledge and expertise can give you peace of mind to choose EvoEnergy as your partner for installing solar panels.

Call: 0800 987 0388

27 Eldon Business Park,


DES Solar Panels

Solar Energy is currently the Biggest Source of Renewable Energy for people, and photovoltaic or commonly known as PV solar energy is a very eco-friendly and a completely renewable source of energy, apart from being very clean, safe and efficient, and due to ever growing demand for Renewable Energy, there is a wide range of Solar Panels for home use available.

We are an independent team of professional Solar Installers in Nottingham with vast experience. Fully MCS accredited in Solar PV.

We are professional solar installers who provide a wealth of experience and advice and sales but do not pester you with hard sales techniques; there’s a very big difference…

We are not tied to any company, we are able to offer a range of Soloar Panel Installations to both private and corporate bodies, ranging from advising on which type of Solar Panel to choose, the system specification, the installation, to the upgrading of your existing system to obtain the greatest benefit.


Call: 0115 970 3025



GEM Solutions UK Ltd

Whilst many houses can be identical, every home is different.

We invest time talking with every customer to find exactly what they want, that all there questions are answered and support them throughout the entire process. We use this information to design every system from scratch to ensure that the customer achieves the maximum return on there investement.

Qualified & Accredited Surveyors

As well as designing a system that looks good, fits into the environment and provides the amount of power you need it also needs to be safe and secure.

There are a number of variables that will be considered when determining which mounting system we will use. The majority of roofs pose no significant issues, allowing us to use ‘off the shelf’ brackets and mounting rails directly from the panel suppliers. There are instances however where the mounting system must be designed in house and custom manufactured.

When a system needs to be customised these are designed by our fully qualified and certified engineering team.


Call: 0115 967 1080


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